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At UpdateMe, we use the power of user exeprience experts, graphic designers and cross platform app developers to create prodtotypes that can be tested in the market, oh and we create websites to.

Who We Are

Do Things That Matters. Plan. Design. Build.

At UpdateMe, we believe every idea has a meaning, and every idea has a soul. We believe that ideas need to come to life and not be dorment on some desk. With our UX experts and UI designers, we show you how your solution can come to life. With our high speed and high paced app development teams, we create your dream into a working prototype. To test the market. We believe that customer centricity is the key to business, so we do all we can to save you time in your intinal phases of product ideation, allowing you to test the market as much as you can with a working solution to go hand in hand.

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Taking young designers to ensure your look is fresh and clean.

Web Development

Specializing in Angular Web development with NodeJS backend, providng flexible opensource movable solutions.

Mobile Application

Specializing in IONIC Cross platform mobile app development, having us code once and cover Android and iOS.

Search Engine

With our Goolge SEO experts, we will ensure your solution is found when people look for you online.